Payment interface for truck entry passes to restricted areas of Satu Mare

Dear Visitors,

Entry of lorry / trucks to Satu Mare is restricted according to the zones indicated on the map.

Green marked routes are free to cross, please see them on the Map.

To access A and B zones, is necessary to obtain a permission, which is possible via this interface.

Zone C (central zone): no subscriptions are issued, only authorizations for 24 hours.

After you create your account, the system allows you to apply for and pay for licenses, but you can also make quick purchases without registration.

You must create an account in order to enter the company data on the receipt.

The Local Police has the right to verify permissions, and the institution dispatcher has access to the online interface control module so they can be verified in real time.

The system uses an external payment provider. Errors will be corrected as soon as possible by the institution and its contractual partners. You can report problems at 0361-919.